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Visors are often called the best friend of the eyes. In most cases, military officers and law enforcement agents prefer it for increased facial protection. However, even the minutest details in their armory matters a lot. This is why you must choose just the best visor for your ballistic helmet.

So, here are those things you must consider before making a choice?

  1. Fitting Ballistic Helmets

Why would you get a dog collar for a cat? As funny as that question may seem (maybe not even funny), yet, it explains just why you must consider the ballistic helmets, your choice visor will fit. A good visor must work with a similarly good ballistic helmet.

  • Performance Standards

Considering the standards set by different regulatory bodies that apply in this regard will help a lot as well. Chief amongst these bodies is the Military Combat Eye Protection (MCEP). So, check if that ballistic visor fulfills or surpasses the requirements of such a body like the MCEP.

  • Coverage

Consider the coverage area of the visor whenever you are up for that choice. A ballistic visor that covers 28.9 in² which is likewise 186.1 cm², is a good bargain.

  • Environmental Conditions

This area is another germane one to be considered. Don’t get caught up in an unpalatable condition because you failed to check the measurement of the ballistic visor’s high and low temperature, salt fog, humidity, blowing dust, low pressure, and the loose cargo vibration.

  • Sizing

Most ballistic visors have different sizes they come in. And depending on these different sizes, there will further be a range of ballistic helmets the visors will be compatible with. Check for the different sizing and see if it will work with your preferred ballistic helmet(s).

To save yourself from an “innocent” misfortune due to choosing the wrong visor, wouldn’t you rather take your time to check all of these areas and know which visor is best for your safety?

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