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Do you really need a white plate carrier?

Choosing the right plate carrier has always been influenced by purpose and preference. What do you want it to do for you? Where do you want to make use of it? What kind of threats are you likely to be exposed to? What kind of vest can stand against this kind of assault? Providing answers to these covers the part of knowing the purpose you want your plate carrier to serve.

What kind of size is your perfect fit? Do you need side armors? What color of plate carrier do you fancy? This is all about your personal preference as a wearer.

White plate carriers do not offer special protection. They are simply regular plate carriers in a form of “winter soldier” kit.

If you’re being deployed to an ice-cold combat ground, you might want to consider wearing a white plate carrier MOLLE with some shoulder pads and waist pads. The idea is that the manufacturer would have to create every piece of the garment from a white fabric.

Have an operation in the pole regions? Why not go in a winter soldier kit? Apart from its visually appealing design, it can also serve as the best form of camouflage. After all, a camouflage is the ability to blend into your immediate environment without standing out. If green patterned plate carriers are used in the forest regions, they definitely cannot be a good fit for snow regions. If you want to dress cloaked by the snow, the idea is to dress like the snow. What is the best way to do this than by dressing up in snow-white plate carriers?

So, back to the question at the top, do you really need a white plate carrier? I say it depends. Are you in a region that requires its white-stealth? Then I say yeah, you do need it.

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