Body Armor Performance


Purchasing body armor is a necessary investment that every law enforcement agent and military officers must have. However, having multiple vests might be an expensive investment to make. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to upgrade the look and effectiveness of your body armor without breaking the bank. If you already own a body armor, good for you! By the time we are done, you might not need another.

Here are five ways that you can easily improve your body armor in no time:

1. Customize and personalize your vest


If you have a body armor that you have to use for different jobs, you don’t need to get another one. You can easily customize your body armor by adding new patches to the armor. You can also get double sided adhesive Velcro at a cheap price. You can stick the Velcro wherever you want the patch to stay. With this, you can add any custom patch as the case may be.

2. Switch carriers, not vests

Instead of buying a new vest, you can opt for a more covert option – panel switching. You can switch your panels between different carriers. You can go from tactical to concealable in no time; saving you the cost of purchasing a new concealable vest.

3. Got bigger? Side armor to the rescue

Essentially, a body armor is meant to have an average lifespan of 5 to 7 years. And truth be told, chances are that you would gain or lose a few pounds within this period. What if you got bigger and your body armor no longer fits? Get side armor and save the money for a bigger sized armor.

4. Scout for good sales opportunities

If you want to save some money while upgrading your body armor, you might want to be on the lookout for free coupon codes on new vests. A lot of YouTube influencers drop coupon codes in their videos. You could be a lucky winner.

5. Get rifle plates

Although they are not cheap, they are worth it! If you can get a payment plan that allows you to make installment payments, all well and good!

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