Body Armor Performance

Danger has no precursor. It just happens!

If you’re walking down the alley late at night or to the car park after working late in the office, you definitely will feel uncertain and insecure. You don’t know if or when someone might spring up on you from behind. There are a lot of people with malicious intent waiting for an opportunity to harm, steal, or even rape. Sadly, this is the kind of society we live in. This is why you must be protected at all times.

You can protect yourself from harm by wearing standard body armor like the law enforcement but, wouldn’t that be too much? Fortunately, there are different day-to-day items that can protect you in different ways during a shooting spree, or attack.

Check them out:

Bullet Proof Backpacks

Due to the rise in mass shootings and crime rate, countries like the USA now promote the idea of backpacks made out of ballistic-rated materials. These bulletproof backpacks were first used by the police and military officers. As time went on, it soon became a common product amidst locals who are highly conscious of security and safety. A bulletproof backpack can offer you a measure of safety during ballistic attacks and can double as a form of body armor.

The Ballistic Fashion

Many manufacturers are now buying into the idea of creating sleek-and-safe clothing. Big backpacks are not for everyone, so bullet proof clothes come in handy. For instance, wearing a Level IIIA rated bullet proof hoodie will largely increase your chances of survival in the face of a gun threat. Stay stylish, stay safe!

Bulletproof Caps

We cannot all wear tactical helmets. But with a bullet safe cap, bullets can be prevented from penetrating the skull. It is not a ballistic helmet as most bullet proof caps often have Level
IIA ratings and can only stop some handgun rounds.

Bulletproof Erase Board

This one is hidden in plain sight. It is a white board layered with bulletproof panels. This can offer a good level of protection should the need arise.

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